“Mom, have you seen my car keys/shoes/basketball uniform/summer reading book?” I typically cannot help but to respond with an unhelpful encouragement to my kids that if they had put things back where they belonged, they’d know where to find them. They love it when I do that.

Sometimes, though, the problem isn’t that they didn’t put it back where it belongs, but that they don’t have a place designated as “the place it belongs and can be found again.” We know how frustrating it can be to look for something you know you’ve seen somewhere but cannot locate back, or to not know where to look for something you need.

For that reason, we are excited to launch the first phase of our Abiding Academy Parent Portal. When you’re looking for information about back-to-school resources or events, extra-curricular activities, lunch orders, and recently-sent messages, I encourage you to think of the new Abiding Academy Parent Portal as “the place it belongs and can be found again.” 

As a first introduction to the Portal, you will find student supply lists located in the Back-to-School Info section. We will not be sending physical copies of the supply lists this year.  

To access the Abiding Academy Parent Portal, you can use the link: https://parents.abidingacademy.org/.  You can also always find the Portal by navigating from the Parent Portal side tab on our website: https://abidingacademy.org/.  

We will continue to add and expand our offerings on the Portal and are excited to be able to offer you “the place it belongs and can be found again” for Academy parent information.

In Him,

Elise Knobloch
Communications Coordinator