Parent Connection

Join us the first Thursday of each month for Parent connection. Parents meet right after chapel in the multi-purpose room. Each month we have a topic to discuss or a teacher come in and speak. It is also a time to fellowship and get to know other parents. 

Moms in Prayer

Moms and Grandmothers, we would love for you to join us each week as we pray for our school. We meet every Sunday at 4:00 in the multi-purpose room. This is a wonderful opportunity to be involved in the spiritual growth of our school. For more information, please reach out to Nichole Hosek at nichole.hosek@gmail.com. To learn more about the organization click on the “More Info” button below.

Student Reading List

The love of reading is one of the core attributes of classical education. Kids that love to read can go on wild adventures, learn how to navigate difficult situations, learn new skills, build up their imaginations, and can strengthen their faith in the Lord through his Word. There are so many benefits to reading, and we believe part of that is making sure our kids are reading good stories. Those that teach virtue and wisdom, that make them think and ponder. Classical Academic Press has compiled a trusted reading list with great books that you can filter by grade, level, genre, or author. 

Classical Education Reading List

There are some fundamental books that explain the philosophy and reason behind Classical Education. We encourage our parents to read these books, ask questions and gain a better understanding of the type of education their children are receiving. 

Summer Vocal and Piano

Academy parent, Elizabeth Feltes, is offering various individual and group vocal and piano opportunities throughout the summer! Click the link for more information!

South Dakota Department of Education

Abiding Academy has chosen at this time not to become a state-accredited institution. As such, we are categorized by the Department of Education as offering “alternative instruction.” Parents/guardians who choose to provide alternative instruction are required to file an Alternative Instruction Notification with the Department of Education. This notification must be submitted on a form provided by the Department of Education. This submission is a one-time requirement (i.e., not required annually) so long as your information remains accurate. Click on the More Info button below to be directed to the South Dakota Department of Education website.

Dakota Dreams Online Tutoring

Dakota Dreams is an online tutoring program for K-12 students. Led by tutors pursuing education degrees at Northern State University and Black Hills State University, these sessions are valuable tools to help students succeed inside and outside of the classroom.

Their online tutoring program is called Tutor Tracks. With Tutor Tracks students can dig deep on a specific subject to firm up their foundations in Reading, Grammar or Math. For each session, tutors bring guided lesson plans, so all students have to do is show up and be ready to learn. Sessions are held for 30 minutes, twice a week, over a seven-week period. Click on the More Info link below for more details about this program. 


TeenPact is designed to help students understand the political process, value their liberty, and engage the culture. Through hands-on and practical teaching, TeenPact Students learn how to embrace their call as the next generation of leaders, find encouragement among like-minded peers, and develop the skills to engage the culture. 

Through dynamic experiences, TeenPact seeks to inspire youth in their relationship with Christ and train them to understand the political process, value their liberty, defend the Christian faith, and engage the culture around them. 

Learn more here about various opportunities happening in late February and early March for students between the ages of 8 – 19 to learn more about the political process from a Christian perspective.