Hello Academy Parents!  

We enjoyed seeing so many of you at Open House today! We have had a wonderfully full week as a staff preparing to welcome students and families back – we are so grateful you are part of our community! 

Every community has its procedures and policies. (How is THAT for an unexpected transition?) Seriously though, an important part of keeping our students safe and in the best learning environment is our entire community working together and knowing what is expected of one another.  Below, please find information with our procedures for school drop-off and pick-up, as well as communicating student absences and messages to your child during the day. 

Morning Drop-Off/Afternoon Pick-Up

School staff will be ready to greet K-12th grade students at the Academy entrance beginning at 7:40 each morning. Please enter the parking lot from the 49th Street entrance and pull all the way up along the sidewalk to the south entrance to allow other families to unload at the same time. Please be aware that daycare families will be parking in front of the main doors in order to most safely escort their children to the daycare. If you are able, pull in front of them to keep the line moving. We ask that you not leave your vehicle unattended in the drop-off line.

For pickup, please pull all the way up as you wait along the sidewalk to the south entrance. Similarly, please continue to pull forward as other cars leave. If you are waiting in the parking lot, students younger than 3rd grade will need to have an adult or older sibling walk them across the parking lot to your car. There is a lot going on at school pick-up time, so please be very attentive as you’re coming and going!

Morning Procedures

Once at school, students will have the opportunity to prepare for their day in the Fellowship Hall or in the hallway outside their classroom. Because of our increased enrollment, we will have students gather in the Fellowship Hall rather than the gym prior to classroom doors opening this year. Teachers will open their classrooms no later than 7:55 to be ready to begin the day at 8:00AM.


If your child is sick or will be leaving at some point during school hours, please contact the office by email (attendance@abidingacademy.org (mailto:attendance@abidingacademy.org) ) or by phone (605-371-1876, #2).

Students Checking In and Out

Students arriving after 8:00AM or leaving at any time during the day will check in and out with the reception desk. Parents of younger students, please come into the reception desk and check your child in and out.

Visitors Checking In and Out

We love to have parents and grandparents join students for lunch! Visitors must sign in with our receptionist through the central doors and the receptionist will guide them from there.

Messages to Students during the day

We understand that sometimes parents need to communicate with their child during the school day. Students who choose to bring a cell phone to school will be checking those into the office at the start of the school day and will not have access to check messages on it throughout the day. As a result, any necessary messages to and from your student will be handled through the Academy office.

The First Day

We look forward to seeing you again on Tuesday, September 5th for our first day of school!  Following student drop-off at the Academy entrance, if you’re able, please park and join other Academy parents in the narthex (enter through the main entrance) for a cookie and coffee reception hosted by the Parent Connection group. First Day Chapel will begin at 8:15.


Whew, this was a lot. I know the details can be tedious, but I also know how much we care about our children and want to make sure we keep each and every one of them safe and able to learn well. Thanks for being part of the community that does that! 


See you Tuesday, 

Elise Knobloch 

Communications Coordinator